Abraham Maslow

Lifting Yourself Up Above Basic Needs of Life
While psychologist classified young Abraham Maslow as "mentally unstable", the thinker turned out stable enough to produce the masterpiece of phychology known today as the Hierarhy of Needs. Grown up as the oldest one of seven brothers and sisters in the family of Russian Jewish immigrants, Abraham had to have some skills and good habits to survive. He developed relationship with books at early age.
Maslow was focused on the idea of self-actualization. He believed that every one of us strive to be the best at what we do best. In fact, he was convinced that until we discover and cultivate that "best" talent within us we are unable be happy or content. In order to find oneself, a person must reach the level of freedom from discomforts like hunger, need and disrespect. As much as his humanistic views were criticized he went alongside with Jesus Christ with the idea that our daily life problems become stumbling blocks in our mental and spiritual growth; though his reliance was always in the strength of man rather than God. Abraham Maslow was the proponent of the idea that in order to fully realize our potential we need to raise our self above basic needs and fears of life, which finally became his famous Hierarchy of Needs theory.