Quantum Teleportation

Quantum Teleportation Could be the Best Way to Transmit Data and Energy One Day

Teleportation can be described as a transfer of a physical object between two or more locations without actually sending it through the space, while the quantum teleportation describes the transfer of information about that object only; the object itself remains in original location. So why the actual object of teleportation does need not to be transferred itself? How will it be replicated, and out of what material will it be made? In the past, humanity described our universe as a collection of matter. Today, scientists see it more as a dynamic information network controlling that matter. Matter is perceivedas all identical at the quantum level and comprised of the same particles. It appears that our universe consists of uniform elementary blocks, and the theory of special relativity agrees with that vision. Now we are waiting on a theory of general relativity to agree or disagree with it.


Quantum Teleportation of Information?….And Energy?

Can energy be transferred using the same principles that enable teleportation of information? Japanese scientist Masahiro Hotta at the Tohoku University is confident that it’s possible. He believes that there is a way to inject energy in one particle and extract it from another particle, distance away. Masahiro's discovery, if confirmed, could lead to major developments in distribution of energy and help us understand the relationship between information and energy better.


Teleportation of particles is no science fiction, scientists have been doing it since 1997 using standard techniques, but transferring data or energy on a quantum level is a new concept. The relationship between energy and information is what Masahiro Hotta is focused on.


Teleportation Performed Over 60 Miles

Meantime, physicists at the University of Science and Technology of China (Shanghai) led by the Juan Yin have been able to teleport entangled photons over 60 miles distance across a lake in China. Previous record in 2010 was 10 miles.


Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon of mysterious connection that occurs between two unrelated particles, or bodies, separated in space - the actual particles never move anywhere! And because the information about the particle is sent at a quantum level, there is a level of security modern cryptography can't beat, this way of transfer is almost perfect!


The only problem with entangled photons, they can't be successfully transferred over solid medium because fiber-optic glass interferes with the stability of the quantum state of the particle. Therefore Chinese scientists have decided to use a 1.3 Watt laser and sophisticated optics to beam and receive the light. Some loss takes place in this case but the state of photons remains stable. Doing it this way they were able to teleport more than a thousand photons over a distance of 60 miles, and it took them 4 hours. Their next score is few hundred miles altitude satellite test, when they will try to transfer particles to the space and back.

Juan Yin said: "The successful quantum teleportation over such channel losses in combination with our high-frequency and high-accuracy [aiming] technique show the feasibility of satellite-based ultra-long-distance quantum teleportation"

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