Nano Materials

How Much More Sophisticated Can Nano Materials Get?
We have entered the Era of precision and super functionality when few atoms to the left or to the right make the difference. Having started as the ultimate technological solution to size vs. complexity dilemma decades ago, the nanotechnology has become a philosophy and a way of life. 
Much of progress in nano materials science should be credited to the diverse properties of Carbon, but there is a strong independent momentum established in science today creating the atmosphere of race around the subject. When you hear that certain type of nano materials are ten thousand times more electro-conductive than copper you start wondering how profound the upcoming changes in energy industry are going to be, how efficient we are going to become.
We have entered dynamic Era of super properties and meta materials, the era of changes towards supernatural. Nano materials of today are dictating the trends and creating industries. Hardly any visionary today is able to predict where the science of nano materials will take us in next twenty years.

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