Is Thorium too Common for Us to Run out Of?

Did you know that thorium is four times more common in the earth crust than uranium? Not to mention the mining cost difference between the two. Can you imagine burning gold for energy? Uranium is more expensive than gold, and it is just as rare! So, why thorium? Your entire personal lifetime worth of energy supply could fit in the palm of your hand in the form of thorium? New generation of nuclear reactors can use thorium about two hundred times more efficiently than uranium and this is worth consideration. Five thousand tons of thorium - about annual production volume of single mid-size mine - is able to supply a yearlong worth of energy for the whole planet. It is mildly radioactive and its half life is fourteen billion years - close to the age of the Universe. Thorium is also the champion in at least one thing: it has the widest liquid phase temperature range - almost three thousand degrees, no other element is capable to stay liquid that long!