Neodymium Magnets Are Capable to Lift a Thousand Times it's Weight

Strongest magnets and most powerful lasers are the applications where neodymium is king and indisputable leader, but we will discuss neodymium doped laser glasses in the next article. Neodymium magnets display unique properties as you can see in this video. What really makes neodymium so special is its enormous capacity for magnetism: permanent neodymium magnet is capable of lifting thousand plus times its'own weight. Its magnetic capacity exceeds even that of samarium-cobalt based magnets. That is why neodymium is used in application where weight-to-strength ratio matters, such as aircraft, hard drive motors and microphones.

Neodymium, however, corrodes when exposed to open air, a centimeter thick sample completely corrodes within a year. There are, also, five stable isotopes of neodymium available in nature: 148Nd, 146Nd, 145Nd, 143Nd and 142Nd, plus over thirty radioactive starting with 144Nd and 150Nd. Most of this rare-earth metal is mined in China.