Fuel Cells

Portable Fuel Cell Technology: Reliable, Powerful, yet Not Hydrogen!

True, hydrogen technology has got momentum and media support any many manufacturers have invested millions of dollars into old fuel cell technologies; yet there seems to be something missing in hydrogen dream! On the other hand, natural gas is not as flammable, it's by far cheaper and more accessible, not to mention that United States is the world's largest producer of natural gas in the world today - the situation has been begging for the right product! About decade ago Bloom Energies have come up with efficient and affordable natural gas fuel cell solution for the commercial market but the society did not catch the massage: Light-weight and cheap natural gas fuel cell chargers are better than heavy and expensive batteries! In fact they have demonstrated that just about any petroleum derivative can be used to produce cheap electricity efficiently. Today, another company has raised its progressive voice by offering yet another battery alternative.

Lilliputian Systems recently announces the retail launch of a revolutionary product: portable charging system for mobile electronics that will never touch electric plug itself - it has a replaceable, the size of a cigarette lighter, butane cartridge! The unit consists of solid oxide membrane layered over a silicon wafer. When released from the cartridge, butane is passed through the fuel cell membrane where it’s broken down into smaller molecular components, giving away free electrons in the process. Electrons are being directed towards the consuming device. Partnership between LSI and Brookstone has been announced. It designates design and manufacturing of new fuel cell rechargers to Lilliputian Systems and marketing and retail distribution to Brookstone. Brookstone.com has a well-developed distribution chain designed largely around airports and shopping malls - perfect places for people who like to run out of batteries.

The fuel cell device, size of a smartphone, is capable of recharging iPhone up to 14 times: that’s about a month of smartphone charge from a single cartridge! In fact, any USB capable device can be charged using LSI Portable Charging System fuel cell system beginning with cellphones and not ending with tablets and laptops, though specialized USB cords might be required. The device is using recyclable cartridges size of a cigarette lighter. Comparing with the same size and/or weight battery, the LSI Portable Charging System reportedly will give up to 10 times longer charge - it will surely give batteries run for the money! Pricing is yet to be announced but there is confidence that new product will be much more economical than conventional batteries. The product has already been approved for onboard commercial aircraft use by the United Nation International Civil Aviation Organization and locally by The US Department of Transportation. Steven Schwartz, Vice President of Merchandising and Product Development at Brookstone said: "Today's smartphones consume much more energy, increasing the need for a more efficient way to recharge when on the go; Lilliputian's groundbreaking technology provides power, wherever and whenever you need it. This breakthrough aligns well with our commitment to innovative solutions that make life easier." Having new charging system is like carrying electric plug in your pocket, claims LSI Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Mouli Ramani.

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