Paint-On Batteries

Paint-On Batteries Packaged with Solar Cells is a Symbiotic Pair

Converting electrodes and other electric battery components into paint is no easy task, and spray gun is not an instrument electric engineer is used to operate with. Ironically, in near future you might not have to be an electrical engineer to make a battery.
Rice University Team of researchers has come up with the disruptive idea to form the battery components: to paint them right over the target surface. Technically, this approach makes it possible to turn any surface into battery and it's a cool idea!
But let us not go into futuristic designs quite yet. The closest opportunity lies right in the front of our eyes, in resolving solar energy problems. Sun-light employment industry has one big flaw: day light limitations. Solar cells produce lots of electricity during day time and none at night which is not fair towards the electric grid demand because grid loves consistency. True, humanity consumes most of the electricity during the day time when businesses are open, but there is an unarguable 24-7 need for the electricity that cannot be denied. 
Back to the paint-on batteries, remember how media streaming works? You PC memory buffers the first minute or so of a song to make sure your music does not get interrupted no matter what happens with internet connection. The paint-on batteries could be the great candidate to buffer the day-time energy. 
Solar cells and paint-on batteries need one another; it is a naturally symbiotic couple. The excess of energy should be stored during the day time right on the spot and distributed during the night so everybody could win. If truly cost effective, paint-on batteries could become the inseparable part of solar cell installation package in a very close future.