Black Holes

The Birth of a Black Hole

Black holes are created when a large star collapses under the force of gravity having run out of nuclear fuel, collapsed core of a giant star forms a black hole. Stars have to be at least 10 times larger than our sun for their own gravity to crush them creating super-nova. Some stars are even bigger than that, causing the birth of black holes. The spectacular scenes of a this birth have been observed many times through telescopes.

We Might as well Call Them White Holes

Why are black holes called black? Simply because they are not letting out any light, thus they appear invisible. In reality, on the inside they are infinitely bright, radiating tremendous amounts of energy. Indeed, they should be called white holes! The gravity is so strong, no light is able to escape. Therefore scientists call the interior of this super-heavy object "White Hole".

A Journey Inside a Black Hole: from Event Horizon to Singularity

The theory of relativity states that at the point of singularity - the center of black hole - space and time no longer exist, therefore, we are only able to take you slightly pass the event horizon inside the white hole shiny interior. The realities of the laws of physics are such that no object will ever be able to survive under the stress of Black Hole supergravity - gravitational pull and radiation level around the black holes - we can only calculate the event using computer graphics.

The Supermassive Black Holes Colliding and Consuming Galaxies

How are galaxies held together? When billions of stars keep whirling around the mysterious center the question rises: how heavy is that center? It takes a mass of million, and even billion times the mass of our sun to be able to handle this tremendous job. Can something be that big? The answer is yes: the super-massive black hole!

Worm Holes and Black Holes

Black holes could shred you, throw you back in time or transport you into another part of the Universe. We can see them as the end of space-time and all existence, or as the beginning of new reality. White holes can fry us with their intense radiation. Worm holes, however, produced by the gravity of black holes,could become our cosmic portals into another part of the Universe one day.

The Time Travel Dream

Time travel is a wild dream, but so was the air travel two hundred years ago. Highly speculative idea to orbit around the black hole in order to get thrown back in time is not a reasonable proposition - so what. The history proves that setting up unreasonably high goals tends to produce strategical results in a long term, but sometimes by totally different means. Surely our eyes are fixed on it!

The Powerhouses of Galaxies

You would think, something so heavy that even light can’t escape would not give up anything else. Black holes, however, are famous for emitting very intense x-rays and gamma ray bursts. These bursts of radiation power entire galaxies and destroy planets. Apparently, even black holes give something away. Indeed, our Universe is a well-designed place.

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